Frequently asked Questions

With over 20 years of experience we are the breeder of the Hypericum Coco series & Veronica Smart series. For more information about us please click this link
We supply a wide range of fresh and colorful Hypericum Coco series and Veronica Smart series. Current variants of our Hypericum Coco series are: Avanti, Bamboo, casino, Calypso, Diablo, Grando, Lipstick, Rio, Yoko, and Uno. Current variants for our Veronica Smart series are Alien White, Bizarre an Laguna. To have a look at our flowers please click this link
Our flowers are carefully cultivated in the highlands of Kenya and Ethiopia. With over 20 years of professional experience in growing these unique flowers, we ensure that each stem delivered to you passes our meticulous quality checking and standards.
Currently we have 3 box types available for our customers:
– Half box (HB) – 97 cm x 24 cm x21 cm (9 kg/20 lbs.)
– Quarter Box (QB):- 97 cm x 24 cm x 11 cm (4.5 kg/10 lbs.)
– One-eight Box (EB):- 97 cm x 12 cm x 11 cm (2.3 kg/5 lbs.)
We have shipments to the following destinations:

Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China

Middle East
United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

North America
United States (Florida, California & New York) and Canada

Netherlands and Russia


You are always welcome to send us ( an inquiry and we will immediate organize a shipment to your location if all the criteria below are met:

1. Prepaid terms has been agreed, or credit application has been approved;
2. One shipment must be at least 100 kg, equivalent to 24 quarter boxes;
3. You wil be responsible for the customs and clearing of the flowers in your destination.
However, only for distribution in USA we take care of the clearing and customs.

Currently our minimum shipping quota is 100 kg, which is equivalent to:
12 x Half box (HB)
24 x Quarter Box (QB)
48 x One-eight Box (EB)
If you have any concerns, our office in Dubai is open 7 days a week between 7am – 9pm GST.

You can contact us via the following:

Email Us:
Dubai Office Number: +971-429-55-610
US Office Number: +1-305-767-2065
Skype: floriusflowers

We can immediately organize a shipment to your location if all the criteria below are met:

1. Prepaid term has been agreed, or credit application has been approved.
2. Each shipment must meet our minimum shipping quota (100 Kg).
3. Customs charges / tax and clearing will be handled by the customer.

Please send us an email ( so we can create an account for you.

We update the Flower Box Direct store every Wednesday. The updates are for 2 weeks in advance up to the current week.
To ensure that we can process your order correctly, the cutoff period is normally 2-3 days prior to your selected shipment date. Some varieties require an earlier cutoff period, you may contact us for further inquiries.
To register please send us an email at We will create an account for you upon your request.

Please take note that we require a Credit Application Form (click here to download) to be filled out. We’ll also need your signed approval for our Terms and Conditions (Click here to download). Kindly submit a scanned copy for all required documents to We will evaluate all submitted information in the signed Credit Application Form.


We accept the following terms:

  1. Prepaid – you send us the money first, then orders and shipments follow.
  2. Net 30 EOM – once your credit application has been approved, you can start ordering from our webshop. Then, payment will be at the end of every month for the previous month’s purchases.
MIAMI – May vary depending on your truck schedule. Regular flight arrival schedule is every Tuesday & Friday.
NEW YORK – May vary depending on your truck schedule. Regular flight arrival schedule is every Tuesday.
LAX – May vary depending on your truck schedule. Regular flight arrival is every Saturday & Monday.
OTHERS – Depends on the flight schedule
Samples can be requested and can be sent on a case to case basis. Kindly send us a request via
Yes, it is possible. We call weekly orders “Standing Orders”. If you have an active account on our webstore you can add your Standing Order online. Alternatively, you can also send us an email via
If you want to see your pending orders from the latest one onwards, you can refer to the FlowerBox Direct website. Login with the User Credentials that was given to you then click on history to see your orders.
First, please read through our Claims Policy Procedures. Kindly send us an email at which includes required information as follows:

1. Shipment Date
2. Stems Affected
3. Photos of Affected Stems
4. Variety and Grade

Yes, you may. Kindly send us an email request via