About twenty years ago, the opportunities for Florius opened up to pioneer in growing unique year-round summer flowers in Africa.

Kenya is known as the place for wild life and adventure. The perfect climate and soil quality are some of the main reason why our farms are located in this amazing country. Infrastructure, materials and fertilisers are available in the country giving a greater quality to every flower we breed and grow.

The farm in Naivasha covers 600 hectares and only 8% of the land is used for commercial and residential areas. The rest is reserved for nature which is a habitat for animals such as buffalos, hippos, antelopes, leopards and ground birds. Prevention of the illegal poaching is one of the main tasks to protect the beautiful nature.

Health and Labor:
  • Together, with the local clinic the farms provide a family planning program which gives women the chance to control the size of their families and build a future for their children.
  • On the farms, lunch is provided which is a proper balanced meal of protein, vegetables as well as carbohydrate.
  • To shorten the travel time of the employees, transportation is organised to bring the workers to and from their villages.
  • All workers have a rotation scheme for Crop Protection. Therefore they are tested on a monthly basis to make sure they do not get any build-up from the chemicals.
  • All staff are provided with uniforms and protected shoes/boots.
  • All labor rules and laws are applicable
  • An in-house loan scheme is provided which is used by almost 100% of the workers.