Even though we make every effort to provide the best quality and service available and to maintain the highest quality control standard, an occasional, problem/s may arise due to perishable nature of our flowers. Florius attempts to honor claims whenever possible, however to be able to do this, we must require that our customers follow the guidelines below:

  1. Inspect all products immediately upon arrival. If you see any problems or quality-related issues, we kindly request you to report a complaint immediately to us and provide us the following details: a.
  • Invoice / Order number
  • Date received in distribution locations (Miami, New York, Los Angeles)
  • Varieties, Grade and Quantity damaged (in stems or bunches or boxes

A digital photo should be sent to us, not only to support your claim but also for us to be sent to our farms for further assessment on the causes of bad quality. A digital photo/s should clearly show/s:

  • the visible damage
  • the label of the box (with box no)

By determining the problem, we can take effective measures to ensure quality improvements in the future.

All information will help us ensure fast and efficient service. Thus, we apologize in advance that we cannot honor your request if one of the above information is missing. You may send us all the information via email or by using our attached credit & claims request form.

  1. Your claim will be investigated within 24 hours upon receipt of the complaint. Once your request for claim is approved, a credit invoice will be processed and mailed to you. If the credit request is denied, we will notify you in email.
  2. If you do not receive either a credit invoice or denial email by the time payment is to be made, please inform us immediately and do not automatically deduct the credit from any payment.

NOTE: Amount issued for credits and claims will only be the amount as stated in the invoice.