The highlands of Ethiopia can be considered as a perfect place for growing our flowers. With its outstanding climate and healthy land, we can provide and supply flowers, year-round.

As floriculture is a very intensive way of production, Florius has, as one of its main goals to invest in Nature.

Therefore, in Ethiopia with over 350 hectares of land, only 45 hectares are used for Floriculture and the other 85% is managed as a nature reserve. Within a period of 10 years, the natural habitat on the farm is becoming a true paradise, with various kinds of birds and mammals during to the blossoming place.

Health and Labor:
  • Over 1000 people are employed, with an average of 7 persons depending on each employee
  • The income of the employees is 25% higher than the other comparable workplaces
  • Women are independent by earning their own salary. The ladies’ work force is 60%
  • The farms in Ethiopia follow the code of practice, certified by The Ethiopian Government
  • All labor rules and laws are applicable.
  • Training of various subjects such as HIV, safe pesticide use, hygiene are given
  • The secondary school in the adjacent village is expanding with the contribution of the farm
  • All staff are provided with uniforms and protective shoes/boots.